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Tax Organizers

Below are links to our tax organizers. These organizers helps us prepare your tax returns. There are a lot of questions on the organizers that you may not know how to answer or need further clarification, that’s ok, mark the question and we can go over it together.

After the first year as an individual tax client. For the subsequent years you will receive a customized individual tax organizer.

Form 1040, Individual Tax Organizer

Form 1120 and 1120S, S-Corporation and C-Corporation Tax Organizer

Form 1065, Partnership Tax Organizer

Form 1041, Estate and Trust Return Tax Organizer

Form 706, Estate Tax return Organizer

Form 709, Gift Tax Return Organizer

Foreign National Tax Organizer

Form 5500 Employee Benefit Plan Organizer

990 Exempt Organization Tax Return Organizer

Please fill out the organizers and send them to us. We accept documents Via Mail, Drop off (no appointment needed) Fax, Secure online portal and Secure send.

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